We cater for all levels of care, ranging from needs that are low to those that are highly complex.

Your loved ones are welcome to “age in place”. One transition into aged care is all that is needed as our staff are trained to manage a range of medical and psychiatric issues, including dementia of varying levels.

No one here is segregated because of dementia or any other mental health issue. Everyone lives together, we are our own little community.

We welcome war veterans with PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety, depression. Our psychiatric nurse has experience working on Ward 17 of the Austin Hospital.


What are the main points of difference between us and other Aged Care Homes?


We are one of the smallest Homes in Victoria.

We have psychiatric nurses managing care in the Home.

We embody the newest organizational structure – that being a flat structure. There are two levels to our organization, the care staff, and the directors of the company.

We aim to provide an easy and collaborative experience through admission, and care planning, and the delivery of necessary therapies and treatments, including lifestyle. It’s as easy as dropping in or picking up the phone and calling one of the directors to discuss options, or get an update.

Clinical decisions are a collaborative discussion between the directors, doctors, nurses, carers and the family. It is a true multidisciplinary team.

We accommodate couples in our twin share rooms. We believe that a life long love and partnership should be maintained even as partners enter aged care. We are here to help you with that.

Della dale Aged Care is a small, family owned, 30-bed permanent residential aged care home.